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British-Slovene Society celebrates Christmas

By December 16, 2013No Comments

Slo bozicnica foto Janez Strah 02

Lessons, carols, a superb choir and fresh potica flown in from Kranjska Gora featured in the annual British-Slovene Society Christmas Service at St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe Church in the City of London on 13th December.

Participants read the traditional lessons from the Bible telling the Christmas story in Slovene and English. A packed congregation – there was hardly a seat to spare – heartily sang favourite carols in both languages.

The Gallus choir again led way, their soaring tones inspiring the faithful to sing forth at full throat.

For the first time, children from British-Slovene families in the UK performed some of the readings.

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Afterwards, all stayed to toast each other with Slovene wine kindly offered by the Slovenian Embassy. Keith and Slava Miles, who organised the service, flew back 15 loaves of potica in their luggage from Slovenia. All were gone by the time people wended their way out into the London night.

Conducting the service was the Reverend Guy Treweek, who once more kindly made the Wren Church of St Andrew’s-by-the-Wardrobe available for one of the highlights of the British-Slovene season.

Photos by Janez Strah and Evelina Ferrar

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