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The late Elizabeta Pleničar

By March 26, 2023No Comments

With great regret, the British-Slovene Society reports the death of Elizabeta Pleničar.  We last saw her when her daughter Mariana Pleničar-Bayley  set up a computer so that her mother could take part in one of our online events during the pandemic. Mariana writes:

Dear BSS members, sadly I must let you know that Elizabeta Pleničar died on Monday 13th March 2023. Beloved mum, Grandma and Great Grandma she lived to be over 100 years old and was known to many members of the British-Slovene Society.

She was an extraordinary woman with a fascinating life story full of resilience and resourcefulness.  This spanned her remarkable escape from war-torn Yugoslavia in 1945 to a life with my father Dušan in Lancashire and eventually Enfield.

She worked tirelessly behind the scenes supporting my father in his political endeavours. Both shared the aim of making transparent events that occurred in wartime Yugoslavia; and later played an instrumental part in campaigning to transform Slovenia into an independent state.

She died peacefully in hospital with close family beside her. Beloved by her family, hugely loved for her warmth and quick wit by all, she’ll always be with us.