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Pre-Christmas reception for Slovenian students at the Embassy

By November 27, 2012No Comments

by Andreas Iskra, student of Chemistry at University College London

The Slovenian Embassy held its traditional pre-Christmas reception on 21st of November for Slovenian students and recent graduates in the UK. The students were greeted by ambassador  Iztok Jarc and by Tine Murn, head of the Information Office of the Slovenian Tourist Board in London.

Ambassador Jarc presented the work of the Embassy, and declared that Slovenia takes great pride in having very successful students studying overseas. The guests were then invited to enjoy some traditional dishes of Slovenian cuisine accompanied by carefully chosen wine – all of which are greatly missed by students studying away from home!

Familiarity with English language, together with the quality of the higher education in the UK, mean that more and more Slovenian students are coming to study across the Channel. London in particular, as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities hosting several world-class universities, is becoming increasingly popular for Slovenian students who decide to expand their horizons by study abroad.

Social events like this provide an excellent opportunity for socialising and making new contacts among Slovenian students. Those acquaintances might prove extremely valuable when this generation of young and talented people returns to the homeland or moves around the world also working for the benefit of Slovenia.

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