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Saturday, 5 February 2022

This day was filled with Slovenian folk music thanks to David Burbidge, director of the Lakeland Voices community choir from Sedbergh and Kendal, who kindly took us on a musical journey through London from Tavistock Place to St James`s Park. We sang well-known Slovenian folk songs from “Lipa zelenela je/The linden tree grew green” to “Siva pot/Country Road” and of course Slovenian national hymn “Zdravljica”.


Singing was accompanied by great food, laughter and exchanges of memories about our trips to Slovenia and around the UK. As always, it was very touching to hear British people singing in Slovene, with such impeccable pronunciation. I guess the poem David recited at the end our walk “Nekoga moraš imeti rad/You have to love someone” written by Ivan Minatti summarised our day with these lines:

…nekoga moraš imeti rad, z nekom moraš v korak, v isto sled –

…you must love someone, walk side by side with someone, on the same path –

Our love that day was the love for Slovenian music and beautiful lyrics. Let there be more of this kind of days.