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David Lloyd’s farewell to his friends in Slovenia

By June 3, 2024No Comments


On 21st May the community of Barka gathered in Zbilje in Slovenia to honour and celebrate the life of David Lloyd. David and his partner Elizabeth, with about another 30 friends, joined on-line, whilst a similar number participated in Barka. David and the British-Slovene Society have been loyal and generous supporters of Barka, a charity for people with special needs, since its establishment in 1997.

David spoke of his joyful time as British Ambassador to Slovenia and of the friendships he established there, which have deepened and expanded over the decades. Whenever David has been in Slovenia he always popped into the community where he is a well-known and well-loved friend.


Following David’s words many people spoke how he had enhanced, enriched and energised their lives. These were personal and special words. One recurring theme was that David was a great British Ambassador to Slovenia and that he has been a great ambassador for Slovenia in Britain. Amongst those sending warm greetings were Slovenian colleagues who worked with him as Ambassador. Tiffany Sadler, the present British Ambassador in Slovenia, said David has been a personal inspiration for her.

To add their own celebration, Zoran Predin and Vlado Kreslin sang songs close to David’s heart. The residents of Barka sang one of their own with a chorus of “Hallelujah David”.

David said: ‘I could not have imagined such a lovely, moving occasion, and seeing so many old friends’.

Here is a recording of this touching farewell: