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Children’s art at the picnic on 9th July

By May 24, 2023No Comments

The National Museum of Contemporary History of Slovenia has invited children of Slovenian emigrants around the world to participate in an art competition called »This is Slovenia«. They ask children aged 6-14 to contribute their works of art. One picture per person can be sent directly to – see »This is Slovenia« art competition for children – The British-Slovene Society (

In Britain, the British-Slovene Society wishes to develop this campaign  further. We invite children with Slovenian background of any age to paint what comes to their mind when thinking of Slovenia and bring their A4 format pictures to our picnic in Henley-on-Thames on 9th July, or send as a scan to You can enter as many pictures as you wish, in whatever technique (please state the name and age of the child and contact details). The best ones will be rewarded with practical prizes. Weather permitting, we are aiming to organise a small guided painting workshop at the picnic so more works of art can be created on the spot and exhibited at the event. Adults are invited to join in.

A selection of children’s artworks collected will be sent on to Slovenia by the British-Slovene Society. The deadline is 14th July 2023.

So don’t forget about the picnic on 9th July. Bring friends, children, dogs, balls, food for yourself and others and enjoy a party by the kozolec we erected last year. A folklore group will come from Bled, with accordion, clarinet and double bass. We will have a real Slovenska veselica, See Sunday 9th July – British-Slovene Society Picnic with Bled Singers and Dancers – The British-Slovene Society (

Perhaps some  works of art will be inspired by the little Slovenia we will create on the spot!