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Catch up with our Prešeren Evening on YouTube

By February 21, 2021No Comments

Over a 100 people took part in this year’s Prešeren Evening of the British-Slovene Society, held for the first time on Zoom rather than in a hotel in London. Shirlie Roden, Zoran Predin, Aleksander Mežek, The Lakeland Voices, the Plamen Choir from Canada and Vlado Kreslin treated us to a brilliant concert of music and song.

Vid Kocijan, John Dawton and Barbara Predin presented and recited Prešeren’s poetry. Andrej Rozman Roza gave us an amusing satirical sketch poking fun at Slovenes’ stingy attitudes towards culture.

A collection was taken for the Barka charity supporting people with special needs in Slovenia.

If you missed the event, which took place on 13th February, you can catch up on the YouTube link below: