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British-Slovene Oxford picnic – Rain? What rain?

By June 28, 2014No Comments

A glance at the weather forecast doubtless convinced many people that this year’s British-Slovene Society annual Oxford picnic – usually blessed by glorious weather – would be a washout.

Not so. Admittedly, at 12.30 on Saturday 28th June just four of us huddled under a gazebo tent watching the rain lashing down, comforting ourselves with Pimms no. 1. Miserable? Not at all. We were blissfully confident the skies would clear.

And so they did. With the sun came new arrivals, and by mid-afternoon, 24 people were enjoying a great day out by the traditional Slovene kozolec (hay-rick) in the Oxford University Arboretum at Nuneham Courtenay.

Be warned. Next year, the picnic will take place again – whatever the heavens may prepare.


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