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Concert by the Slovenian Flute Trio, 1st October 7 pm

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The Slovenian Embassy in London is delighted to invite you to a concert in its series Musical Bridges Slovenia & the UK performed by the Slovenian Flute Trio:

Brina Kafol Žust, Marko Zupan and Boris Bizjak
with Yoko Misumi, piano

Saturday 1st October 2022 at 7 pm

St Giles Cripplegate, Barbican
Fore Street, London EC2Y 8DA


You are welcome to invite your friends.

For information about the musicians see:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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On behalf of the British Slovene Society, its Trustees offer their deep condolences on the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a remarkable woman, embodying compassion, grace, intelligence and humour – all those values and many more to which we all aspire.  She will long be remembered across the world by generations to come.

Her Majesty visited Slovenia in 2008 and celebrated the strong and heartfelt relations between the United Kingdom and Slovenia. As members will fondly recall, as a lover of horses she particularly enjoyed her visit to the famous stud farm at Lipica.

Her Majesty dedicated herself to a lifetime of service and her legacy will endure in the hearts of Slovenians, Britons and peoples across the world.

God Save The King

Courses of Slovene for pupils who wish to study in Slovenia, and subsidies

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The Office for Slovenians Abroad has sent us the following information about courses of Slovene for future students in Slovenia, and subsidies:

Center za slovenščino kot drugi in tuji jezik vabi na Tečaj slovenščine za dijake, ki želijo študirati v Sloveniji. Spletni tečaj, ki bo dvakrat tedensko po tri šolske ure potekal med 18. oktobrom 2022 in 5. februarjem 2023, je namenjen dijakom zadnjih letnikov srednjih šol, ki se nameravajo vpisati na univerzo v Sloveniji, in bi radi osvežili in nadgradili svoje znanje slovenščine.

Urad Vlade RS za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu namenja za udeležbo na tečaju za udeležence iz zamejstva in izseljenstva posebne štipendije. S štipendijo, ki znaša 650 EUR, se krijejo stroški udeležbe na tečaju. Prošnja za štipendijo mora vsebovati osebne podatke o kandidatu in utemeljitev. Obravnavane bodo le prošnje, ki jih bodo napisali kandidati sami. Prošnje za štipendije pošljite do 1. oktobra 2022 po pošti (na naslov Centra za slovenščino kot drugi in tuji jezik) ali po elektronski pošti ( O rezultatih boste obveščeni do 8. 10. 2022.

Več informacij najdete na naslednji povezavi:


Spletne fletne delavnice za spoznavanje slovenske kulturne dediščine

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Zavod Mars Maribor za mlade slovenske družine, ki živijo v tujini, ponovno pripravlja Spletne Fletne – celoletni program spoznavanja slovenske kulturne dediščine skozi ustvarjanje.

Kreativne in poučne Spletne Fletne pomagajo v tujini živečim družinam ohranjati stik z maternim jezikom. Otroke pa poleg slovenskih šeg, navad in kulture učijo tudi veščin ročnih spretnosti.

Prijave so možne še v prvi polovici septembra.

Več informacij o delavnicah najdete na povezavi


Courses of Slovene and Subsidies

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The Office for Slovenians Abroad has sent us the following information about courses of Slovene and subsidies:

V jesenskem času študijskega leta 2022/23 so ponovno na voljo štipendije za tečaje slovenščine, namenjene odraslim Slovencem, ki živijo v zamejstvu in po svetu.

Na voljo so štipendije za naslednje tečaje:

Popoldanski tečaj slovenskega jezika na spletu, jesen 2022:

Jutranji tečaj slovenskega jezika na spletu, jesen 2022:

Zimska šola slovenskega jezika v živo in na spletu 2023: in

Spomladanska šola slovenskega jezika 2023:

Notice of Annual General Meeting of the British-Slovene Society – Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 5:30 pm via Zoom

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For members of the British-Slovene Society only:

Notice is hereby given that The Annual General Meeting of the British-Slovene Society will be held at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 14 June 2022 online via Zoom. Any member may join the session.


Ordinary Business

  1. To receive and adopt the Report of the Trustees and Accounts for the year ended 30 Sept 2021.
  2. To re-elect the Trustees who retire by rotation and are offered for re-election: Jana Valenčič, Catherine King, Evelina Ferrar.
  3. To appoint a Secretary for the forthcoming year. Miha Košak has indicated his willingness to continue in office.
  4. To appoint a Chairman for the forthcoming year. David Lloyd has indicated his willingness to continue in office.
  5. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on 15 June 2021.
  6. Any Other Business.

Please confirm your attendance by email to:  by close of business on Friday 10th June, 2022.You will then be sent an invitation to join the Zoom session together with instructions. You may also receive BSS Accounts for the year ending 30th September 2021 and the Chairman’s Statement.

In case you cannot attend the AGM and wish to vote, please use the Form of Proxy: BSS-AGM-Form-of-proxy

David Lloyd, Chairman

Dated: 13 May 2022


British-Slovene Society picnic, Henley-on-Thames, 18th June

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After a gap of two years, the British-Slovene Society invites you cordially to its Annual Summer Picnic on Saturday 18th June. For the first time, we are gathering by our new kozolec (hayrack) on the outskirts of Henley-on-Thames.

Location is Gillotts Field, on Greys Road, RG9 1RZ. You can park for free near the entrance opposite Elizabeth Road, and also in Elizabeth Road itself. There is another entrance by the junction of Greys Road with Gillotts Lane. When you enter the Field, you will see our kozolec, made in the traditional style by Slovenian craftsmen and erected by them in January this year.

Bring a picnic, drinks, deckchairs, blankets, your kids, grandchildren and friends. If you make something particularly nice, you may wish to share it with others! It’s an informal occasion, and there is no fee.

We look forward to welcoming you from 12 midday onwards.

The Trustees


Summer Courses of Slovene in Slovenia

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Summer courses of Slovene language are organised in Slovenia, in person or online, for adults and children. Some grants are available.

Below is the message we received from the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad. See website 


  • Poletna šola slovenščine 2022 na spletu
  • Poletni tečaj slovenščine za otroke
  • 26. Tabor slovenskih otrok po svetu v Kobaridu
  • Poletna šola Slovenščina malo drugače
  • 17. Mladinska poletna šola slovenščine (na voljo so štipendije)


  • 41. Poletna šola slovenskega jezika (na voljo so štipendije)
  • 41. Poletna šola slovenskega jezika 2022 na spletu (na voljo so štipendije)
  • 29. Poletni tečaji slovenskega jezika na slovenski Obali (na voljo so štipendije)

Več informacij o tečajih, rokih za prijavo in možnostih pridobitve štipendij najdete na naslednji povezavi:


Birth of New Homelands Exhibition – in London from 23 April

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An exhibition telling the story of Slovenian refugees after World War II will open at the Slovenian Home (62 Offley Road, London SW9 0LS) on April 23rd. All are welcome!

From 4 to 6pm, with drinks and snacks. Welcome talk by KEITH MILES OBE. Performance by STELLA COBBSON.

Entitled Birth of New Homelands, the exhibition will last until 26 June. It was originally presented in Slovenia’s National and University Library.

T. 0044 (0)736 5353 900


In May 1945, there were conflicting emotions on Slovenian territory: on one side, an overwhelming joy at the end of the four-year slaughter, while on the other, uncertainty and fear. The winner made it clear what would happen with his ideological opponents. On the way over Ljubelj and via Pliberk, all members of the family joined the retreating home guard army. More than twenty thousand Slovenians left the country; among them were several intellectuals, politicians, many of them belonged to the social, cultural and educational elite of the country. They settled in refugee camps in Austria and Italy – most of them believed that they would stay there three weeks at the most. However, camp barracks became their home for many – they stayed there for three, four years, until they were finally accepted by a foreign country.

In such difficult and uncertain situations after they had lost their homeland and many also their relatives, it would be expected that they would succumb to their fate, or that indifference would prevail – yet, it was far from that! We are shocked by the upsurge of an exceptional life power and creativity; it is reflected in the publishing of original literary works, school textbooks, newspapers, reprints of Slovenian classic authors, historical studies and memories. The first Slovenian historical atlas was written in the camp … Only a few days after their arrival in the camp, a folk (elementary) school was founded, and two weeks later, a Slovenian refugee gymnasium was opened. Several lectures and courses were organised, and many singing groups as well; their singing impressed even the BBC, while their theatrical performances attracted spectators from near and far.

The exhibition, which was originally presented in the National and University Library in Ljubljana, presents a rich creativity of Slovenians in extraordinary situations, in connection with the amazing stories of individuals whose paths crossed in exile. They were often invisible in their native country; they were ignored and forgotten for a few decades. However, by stressing their Slovenian origin, they contributed to the birth of new homelands around the world.

Dr Helena Jaklitsch, Helena Janežič (NUK) and Lenart Rihar (Rafael’s Society))

Slovenia’s Order of Merit for Keith Miles

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Keith Miles, first Chairman of the British-Slovene Society, has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Republic of Slovenia by President Boris Pahor.

The citation recognised Keith’s “personal contribution to the international recognition of the Republic of Slovenia and merits in establishing, developing and strengthening relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the United Kingdom.”

Keith was the first official representative in the U.K. of independent Slovenia in 1991.

The ceremony took place on 31 March 2022 at Gornji Suhor in Bela Krajina in Slovenia on the annual Slovenian-British Friendship Day. Near this village, a Royal Air Force bomber was shot down in 1945. Local inhabitants helped rescue surviving crew members, and those killed were buried nearby.

Keith was due to take part in the ceremony, but at the last moment was prevented by Covid. In an address read out for him at the ceremony, Keith said: “Perhaps the most important thing about friendship is that it is a giving relationship, not a demanding relationship. Friends try to understand one another better and it is a bond of mutual affection.”